Halloween Themed Stock Music Sale!

44% Off SALE! Get All 3 For $28

We know producers and content creators (like you) are already preparing your productions for Halloween. That's why we're offering these beds at a discount to help you get started! 

The Halloween Music Pack Includes: The Pumpkin Party Track length: 1:59 A professional cinematic music soundtrack, magical and mystical. Waltzing and beautiful with light twists of fright and dread. Created with full orchestra sounds, this piece is appropriate for Halloween, magical, or macabre themes.

Deranged Trapeze Artist Track length: 2:17 A tense, frightening, cinematic musical piece with futuristic sound effects and rhythmic percussion. This music bed is appropriate for horror films, evil subjects and halloween type themes.

Zombie Escape Track length: 2:23 An upbeat, classic rock opera, with cathedral pipe organ and ‘70s devil’s rock. Guitar heavy with a dark evil accent, this piece is appropriate for Halloween, cheesy horror flicks or zombie killing fun.