Epic Wedding Memories - Royalty Free Stock Uplifting Background Music


A simple and delicate music bed that builds into a grand production and finishes with an epic monumental sustain. The tone of the piece is positive and uplifting while evoking thoughts of life changing milestones. The piece is dreamy and circular a times and features grand piano, synthesizer arpeggios, and orchestral strings. A 60 second version is included. This music is a perfect backing bed behind a montage of wedding images, or any other special occasion. The music amplifies emotion, excitement, and accomplishment while offering a crescendo for that final perfect image.

The preview file consists of the main track (2:48 in length) followed by the 60 second version (1:00 in length).

Files included in this package:

Item 1: Epic Wedding Memories full mix 2:48

Item 2: Epic Wedding Memories 60 second version 1:00


How Can I Use This Music?

By purchasing the license, this copyright free stock music audio can legally be placed in your video, podcast, or other creative content to make your production sound professional. This broadcast quality audio is suitable for morning radio show broadcast imaging, television logos, commercials, video title/themes, or other creative multimedia content. Professional music elements are a must have for broadcasters, podcasters and other content creators.

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