Broadcast Elements

Breaking News Sounder Pack For Podcasters, Broadcasters, and Multimedia Content Creators


FREE Broadcast News Sound Pack!

Suitable for podcasts, broadcast imaging, television logos, commercials, video title/themes, or other creative content. has released the “Breaking News Sounder Pack,” sound effects and music beds for podcasters, broadcasters and content creators.

Featuring 8 audio elements including:

  1.  Special Announcement Sounder (Contemporary)
  2.  Special Announcement Sounder (Classic)
  3.  Special Announcement Classic To Dramatic Reporting Bed Loop
  4.  Dramatic Reporting Bed Loop-able
  5.  Pensive Transition
  6.  Special Alert Sounder To Reporting Bed Version A
  7.  Special Alert Sounder To Repetitive Bed Version B
  8.  Special Alert Sounder To Repetitive Bed Version C

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