The Starter Home Studio Mac Users Already Own

What do you want to create?  An impressive home movie?  A demo tape to get “the band” a few gigs?  A voiceover demo tape to jump into the announcer market?  If you’ve ever considered building a humble home studio, you may be surprised to know you likely already have many of the necessary ingredients.

The racks of expensive recording gear that used to fill up entire rooms just years ago, have now been been replaced by the software in your computer.  Multi track machines, outboard compressors, effects, patch bays, and huge mixing boards are no longer the only way to get professional level audio recordings.  The video/picture quality that is available today on our mobile devices is comparable to what many legendary directors of the 60′s had access to as young aspiring film makers.  I often catch myself telling young musicians and producers today that “I wish I had the technology that you now get for free when I was beginning to record my band in the early 90′s.”

By investing a little time and effort, watching a few 5 minute online tutorials, you can be up and running, playing with the same studio tools that today’s major league producers use every day.  The tutorials below are the links to the Apple software products many apple owners already have pre-loaded on their machines.  If Apple is not your computer platform of choice, free video tutorials are plentiful online and are just a quick Google search away.

Free Tutorials

Paid Tutorials

There are a number of paid tutorial sites that offer a more complete education on creative studio related software applications.  These are also a great way to take a peak at the software you are interested in investing in.  Several tutorial sites like MacProVideo.Com have an affordable monthly pay-as-you-go fee that gives you access to hours of pro application training.  The more you learn, the larger your skill set as a producer or artist will be.