How To Use Free Music Beds And Effects In Your Podcast, Video, Or Other Multimedia Production

In this video, award winning on air host and broadcast producer Lenny B walks you through a real Apple Logic Pro X commercial production session.  Witness valuable production tips and producer tricks on audio compression, equalization, and audio file placement for loud, punchy, and effective productions. 

  • Learn which appropriate effects are used for voiceover production
  • Learn about music bed and sound effect placement for optimum impact
  • Learn the philosophy behind mastering audio for commercial production has released a set of 10 broadcast quality audio elements suitable for radio broadcast imaging, television logos, or title themes. The audio imaging tools are free and are a must have for broadcasters, podcasters and other content creators. To download the free Audio Imaging Tools Pack Vol. 1, simply sign up for the newsletter. Once signing up for the newsletter, you'll be directed to a link that allows you to download a .zip file including all 10 audio elements (320kbs MP3 files). is a resource for the home studio producer who want's to make their productions sound professional broadcast quality.  The website provides equipment reviews, production tips, producer tricks, and affordable royalty free music beds and production effects.