Top 5 Marketing Rules Of Successful Business

A marketing campaign begins when there’s a need to increase sales (consumer audience). Then you need the right message (and creative ideas), to the reach the right customer where they’re spending their time, repeated often enough, to get them to act. The campaign is successful, only when you have more customers then you had before you started your marketing campaign. If your marketing efforts are missing any of these important pieces. You’re loosing money and you can’t beat out your competition.

  1. Are you advertising?
  2. Are you broadcasting the right message?
  3. Is your campaign creative?
  4. Are you reaching your customers where they spend their time?
  5. Are you customers hearing your message often enough to be motivated to act?

Could you be marketing better?  If you are missing any of the 5 fundamental marketing rules, you are loosing money and you can't beat the competition.