How To Get Broadcast Quality Audio on Facebook Live Videos

Radio broadcasters across the country are harnessing the leverage of Facebook as an effective way to promote their day parts. Now, with the advent of Facebook Live, there is another tool stations can utilize.  But there's a problem.  How do you get broadcast quality sound when broadcasting through a smart phone?  Shouldn't a radio station maintain the quality of its audio for its social posts when it comes to video?   Of course it should!  And it's possible with a new little gadget from IK Multimedia.

How many times have you found yourself in the situation where there's a bit that has evolved into something bigger than can be conveyed solely through sound?  It may be an in studio guest, a prank begging to be seen or an all night radiothon.  Whatever the case, there are numerous ways a radio bit can be taken even further when shared on social media.  Part of the reason why listeners make such a personal connection with their favorite radio personalities is because of that "broadcast sound" making a listener feel like your right there next to them.  So why don't we give the content we post to our social arms the same standard of quality? Maybe it's laziness, maybe the lack of technology, maybe it's Maybelline or most likely lack of budget.

The Solution?  A new piece of inexpensive gear from IK Multimedia that will revolutionize the way you use social media by bringing you the same audio quality of your radio broadcast to Facebook, Instagram and beyond!  This low cost technique allows you to get live, broadcast quality, audio feed from your on-air board directly to your mobile phone (via included digital connection), and in turn to your audience.  It's called the iRig Pro.  This small connector runs under $130 and will drastically raise the quality of each and every video you post.  The iRig, which was designed primarily for the musician market, fits in the palm of your hand and virtually eliminates noise, while offering an impressive 24-bit converter with a 96kHz sample rate, the highest quality A/D conversion.

Sure, there are other low cost, capable options that make an analog connection from your board to your mobile phone but none that compare to the quality achieved by using the iRig Pro.  Never has there been a product so affordable delivering audio quality that could previously only be achieved by using professional gear.  Browsing today's Facebook Live streams reveals that very few people even bother to take the time to give their audio quality any consideration.  Most Facebook Live broadcasts sound amateur and difficult to understand.  This isn't a high school AV project!  When your video has great audio, even with poor video quality, it's perceived by it's viewers as artistic or professional.  Live up to the level of professionalism that your listeners expect and make yourself standout!

Facebook Live will continue to be utilized by radio stations.  I would even venture to say that the Facebook Live audience could be larger than the radio's listening audience.  Don't believe me?  Take a look at some of these FB Live Video's audience numbers

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