Choosing The Right Music For Your Commercial Advertising

Photo by Victoriano Izquierdo on Unsplash

Photo by Victoriano Izquierdo on Unsplash

Choosing the right music behind your radio commercial voice over can make a huge impact on how customers receive your advertising message. Combine the right copy with the appropriate music and the message becomes more powerful and impactful. Some of the most successful marketing seen today is a result of connecting with customers on an emotional level. Music generates memories and emotion. You don't have to look further than commercials from flourishing national advertisers like Apple, Chevrolet, and Chili's to illustrate this strategy.

Choose Wisely

Here are some of the best practices to consider that can amplify the emotion in your marketing message with music.

Tell A Story: Often, marketing messages become a bland laundry list of special sales prices, information, and cliches. A smart technique is to take the listener (your potential customer) on a bite sized journey.  Describe a successful experience a previous customer had. Or describe the benefits that a customer enjoyed by purchasing your products. Then choose music that illustrates the feeling that customer had along the way.  Did a stressed out customer become relaxed after enjoying your product? What would that musical story sound like? Did a thrill seeking customer get pumped after receiving a service your business provides? How would a music version of that story sound?

Match The Sentiment: It might seem obvious to some, but it is important to point out that matching your message's sentiment is worth some special attention. The music you choose should match the emotion that you want your customer to feel when hearing your commercial. If your message has a home grown and organic theme, choose music that projects an acoustic, earthy feel. If your message requires urgency with a more direct call to action, you may want to choose music that evokes motivation and drive. This may call for music that uses sharper instrumentation with a faster tempo.

Look For Customized Music Lengths: Royalty free stock music beds for creative or advertising projects are readily available online. Some music providers are specifically designed for commercial radio, television, or social media ads. Music from online libraries that provide :15, :30, and :60 second versions are a wise choice. Advertising friendly versions of stock music will save you editing time and allow for more professional sustained or cold endings to your commercial.

Get Out Of The Way: Often music supervisors who select music to be placed with a specific message overlook competing frequencies or sonics. For example, it might not be a good idea to place a mid to high range female voice over a song with a saxophone melody line. The two voices (voice and saxophone) compete for the same frequency space in the recording. Make sure the music you choose allows space in the frequency spectrum for the voice. The right music should never compete with the voice, preventing the commercial copy to be understood clearly.  If it sounds great but no one can understand what the announcer is saying, the marketing effort is wasted.

Choosing music that conflicts with the sentiment of your message may not incapacitate the return on your marketing investment. However, you can be sure that choosing the right music amplifies the sentiment of your message and connects on a more emotional level with your sought after customers. That's smart marketing!