How To Use Free Music Beds And Effects In Your Podcast, Video, Or Other Multimedia Production

In this video, award winning on air host and broadcast producer Lenny B walks you through a real Apple Logic Pro X commercial production session.  Witness valuable production tips and producer tricks on audio compression, equalization, and audio file placement for loud, punchy, and effective productions. 

The Starter Home Studio Mac Users Already Own

Novice producers may have more professional recording tools for their home studio then they realize. Get to know the true studio recording power of today's Apple Macintosh computers with their free Built-in Apps including Garageband, iMovie, iPhoto, and more. Award winning broadcast professional, producer Lenny B describes some of the compulsory recording equipment you may already own.

Must Have Equipment For Building A Pro Home Voiceover Studio

For beginning home studio producers who want to understand what recording equipment is necessary for a professional voice over studio, award winning broadcast professional, producer Lenny B explains what is needed. You can produce broadcast quality audio productions on a home computer or mobile device. Learn about the essential studio gear you'll need to get up and running.